HAJJ 2017

Successful stories that never ends so is ours with Hajj 2017 all haajis performed Hajj with 0% complaint and INSHA ALLAH this will go on and on with a promise for more better service . Mu’allim was gifted with hadiya as a promise to make sure make this service more better

After a successful tour of HAJJ 2017 ends how could we let all the Haajis go back to home without sharing love . a box of love was shared among haajis from the management and Director of HabibKarwaneHaram

The Management plays a vital role to make any mission successful , so this is the management who really worked hard to make this Hajj2017 Successful along with their Mu’allim

Tried our best to serve all the guest of ALLAH (S.W.A) with best the managemnt took this refreshment part as their duty so that all the haajis could perform their Hajj accordingly without any hesitation

Transport Service was provided as the part of package but we make sure to prove fully serviced centrally A/C buses to the haajis  while performing Hajj